SSD Expert, Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast, Sustainability Leader

Jonmichael (JM) is a storage market expert, blockchain supporter, and sustainability leader. Jonmichael spent ten years at Intel in the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions group working on product line management, strategic planning, and technical marketing for the Intel data center SSDs. In addition, he served as the chair for NVM Express (NVMe) marketing, co-chair of the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) SSD special interest group, and is active in Open Compute Project storage and sustainability projects. He was VP of Storage at Chia Network and remains an advisor. Jonmichael is the treasurer and secretary of the Circular Drive Initiative, 501(c)(6) non-profit, promoting the secure reuse of drives and circular business models for the storage industry. Jonmichael started his storage career at Sun Microsystems designing storage arrays (JBODs) and holds an electrical engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines.